Project CLUB MED Guadeloupe (finished)

Installation of Biohut at Club Med de la Caravelle – Guadeloupe

As part of its objectives to enhance biodiversity, the Club Med has committed with Ecocean to develop a project that will favorably contribute to the coastal marine ecosystem balance.

To do so, Ecocean offers to Club Med to enhance the offshore infrastructures of the Caravelle site to boost the life cycle of fish and shellfish by specifically protecting juvenile fish. A Biohut® project was therefore offered to Club Med de la Caravelle, to equip a massage pontoon. 4 steel Biohuts® were offered as well as 6 wooden Biohuts.

The Biohut® were installed in two phases. First, the Biohut® under the pontoon were suspended, then the Biohut® pilotis were fixed to the poles of the massage room.

Consistent with its desire to use recycled and recyclable materials, and local ecological substrates, Ecocean produced Biohut® on-site with crushed spider conch (Lambis lambis) shells. After obtaining permission from the DEAL to collect spider conch shells from the Basse Terre beach, the technicians crushed them to be inserted in the central part of the Biohut®, usually made of oyster shells.

This Biohut project, set up on the beach of Club Med de la Caravelle is a first in the Caribbean Sea and the ecological benefits are very encouraging. For this reason, Ecocean has regularly inspected the habitats and implemented maintenance operations. 18 species have been observed after only 4 months of installation, which is a genuine surprise! It is therefore important to support actions to improve the biodiversity quality of the area.

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