Our partners

Agence de l'eau

Preserving water, producing and spreading knowledge, financing projects and mobilizing territories.


Beuchat International, or more commonly known as Beuchat, is a French company created in 1934 at Marseille working in the design, manufacture and sale of underwater equipment.

CDC Biodiversité

CDC Biodiversité is the result of discussions with Laurent Piermont, then President of the Société Forestière of the Caisse des Dépôts. Our objective was to create a tool that allows us to act for biodiversity, by identifying and developing economic levers (regulatory, voluntary…) to finance the preservation and restoration of nature. CDC Biodiversité is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, which has all the resources it needs to act for this objective.


The study of underwater sounds.

Within the Fondation Partenariale Grenoble INP, CHORUS is carrying out a multidisciplinary research programme (engineering and environmental sciences) created and led by Lucia Di Iorio and Cédric Gervaise. In their research activity, they use acoustic landscapes as an environmental proxy to study the structure, functioning, state and dynamics of marine ecosystems.


The CREM is a research centre of the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD), it is attached to the UMR 5110 CEFREM. Its regulatory authorities are the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the UPVD.


We produce natural and sustainable insect based food. Our products are manufactured in accordance with a responsible professional approach and a natural and sustainable diet. They are prepared in compliance with European standards. A diet of well-being and nutrition.

Région Occitanie

Occitanie is a French administrative region created by the 2014 territorial reform with 13 departments, which is the result of the merger of the former Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées regions.

The Occitania region participates in the development of certain Ecocean projects by providing subsidies for ecological restoration projects at ports


Irstea is a public scientific and technological institution (EPST). Located in France in 9 centres, its research and expertise activities are focused on action and support for public policies.

We are working together on the UROS project in Serre-Ponçon

Ports Propres

PORTS PROPRES is the first and only European-wide environmental management approach for marinas.

It reflects a strong desire on the part of marina managers to make concrete commitments to fight for the preservation of aquatic environments and the sustainable development of coastal and marine activities.


Prodibio is our privileged partner on our BIORESTORE solution.

PRODIBIO was founded in Lyon in 1998. They design, develop, manufacture and market product lines for fish care and processing and maintenance :

  • seawater aquariums
  • freshwater aquariums
  • basins
  • aquaterrariums


Respect Océan

Created by the navigator Raphaëla le Gouvello, the RespectOcean association brings together stake holders and companies committed to sustainable economic development in favour of the protection, preservation or enhancement of the oceans, coasts and their ecosystems. The members of our network commit themselves, through the adherence to a Charter, to implement actions in favour of these values, or steer innovations in this direction.
Personalities from the world of the sea support our initiative, including Catherine Chabaud.

It’s a network to:

  • EXCHANGE good practices and innovations, promote them to other stakeholders in the sea and coastal areas
  • DEVELOP common concrete projects that are sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible
  • BENEFIT from a local and national base and an international perspective (member network of the Ocean Climate Platform – POC)
  • ADVANCE thinking on the blue economy and sustainable development for the benefit of the oceans, coasts and their populations.
COVED Environnement

Coved, a player involved in the local and circular economy through the values of a sense of service, proximity, commitment and sincerity, Coved is committed to increasing the efficiency of resource use and reducing the impact on the environment, in the service of general well-being.

Région Sud

Provence is a region in the south-east of France located on the border of Italy and on the Mediterranean Sea. It is renowned for its varied landscapes, from the Southern Alps and the Camargue plains to the hilly vineyards and olive groves, pine forests and lavender fields. To the south is the Côte d’Azur, where Nice and seaside resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes line the coast.

The South Region participates in the development of certain Ecocean projects by providing subsidies for ecological restoration projects at ports.


By integrating ecology and engineering we deliver solutions which build on the power of nature. We create habitats & improve biodiversity, designing beautiful living waterscapes and natural water quality and wastewater treatment solutions which bring water to life.

Institut Océanographique

Since its creation in 1966, the Paul Ricard Institute of Oceanography has held a special place among ocean science laboratories. Vigil of the Mediterranean, it combines research and awareness missions to “Know, make known and protect the sea”.

Pôle Mer Méditerranée

Ecocean has been a member of the Mediterranean Sea Pole since 2009. This hub of competitiveness brings together many innovative players in the maritime industry and makes it a world reference for the management of sustainable development in the Mediterranean Sea. Ecocean has several times benefited from the Pôle’s labeling of its projects and participates in the synergy set up as part of the Pôle’s actions.

Ministère de l'environnement

The French Biodiversity Agency is a public institution of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition. It was created on 1 January 2017 by the law for the recovery of biodiversity, nature and landscapes.


UPGE (Professional Union of Ecological Engineering) is an association of companies and professionals in ecological engineering. Founded in 2008 by companies providing project management and works services, the UPGE has decided to open up to other companies associated with ecological engineering in order to enable them to participate in the development of the sector. It is in this context that Ecocean joined the association in 2012.


Ecocean has been a member of the Association Internationale des Villes portuaires since 2014. This organisation brings together commercial ports from all over the world and tries to promote the environmental initiatives of these major ports.


A member since 2009, Ecocean shares the values and commitment of SER (Society for Ecological Restoration). The organization’s mission is to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and restoring a healthy ecological relationship between nature and man. The main objective of SER is to advance the science and practice of ecological restoration towards a tool for recovering biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Ecocean joined this hub competitiveness in 2013. This membership offers companies support for innovation through its network of researchers and partners, which enables them to participate in constructive operations (working groups, thematic information meetings, collective operations and other cluster events). Being a member of Pôle Eau provides skills and advice in the context of collaboration with research centres to improve projects or respond to calls for tenders.


Biohabitats Inc. helps communities improve water quality, renovate natural habitats and restore degraded ecosystems. This American partner company places education and awareness at the heart of their ecological restoration and urban planning projects. Projects that are scientifically sound, realistic and cost-effective to implement. Unlike traditional engineering firms that claim to “make ecology”, Biohabitats devotes all of its knowledge and skills to operational projects in ecological restoration, preservation management and sustainable design. With the same mission and a common vision, Ecocean and Biohabitats have been collaborating on joint projects since October 2013 in Europe and North America.