Project BIODIV’OM – Saint-Martin (ongoing)

Project of l’Institut Caribéen de la Biodiversité Insulaire de Saint-Martin.

Innovative and structuring, the Caribbean Institute of Insular Biodiversity of Saint-Martin (ICBI) wants to be a genuine tool for the development of Saint-Martin territory, carrying out new strategies based on sustainable development, biodiversity, university and scientific research, ecotourism, job creation, and economic development.

ICBI realization is fully in the framework of a project of scientific research activities development and knowledge transfer having an impact on:
• Fishing and aquaculture allow a reduction of food dependence in this field,
• The creation of a research center focused on the territory’s biodiversity and more broadly on the Caribbean space which is a strategic element for St. Martin,
• The creation of collaborations with external higher education and research institutions,
• Tourism, a major economic sector in Saint-Martin, by diversifying tourism activities towards eco-tourism,
• The fight against global warming effects (introduction of marine herbivores)…

On these different axes of development, the company Ecocean suggests studying the feasibility of sustainable capture of fish post-larvae, having various end goals common to the ICBI, such as:
• Research on fish diversity on the island of Saint-Martin and on the development cycle of fish;
• Using the principle of PCC (Post-Larves Capture and Culture) as a tool for integrated management of coastal fisheries;
• Transferring PCC expertise;
• The repopulation after the breeding of fish species selected for their positive impact on biodiversity (herbivores, predators of invasive species, etc);
• A reasoned reflection on the development of local fishing and aquaculture;
• A public awareness of the marine biodiversity of their island by the presentation of the captured species.

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