Project Trasomar


TRASOMAR is a company based in Monaco, specializing in maritime and submarine work. It’s a go-to company for geotextile works in the implementation of an efficient, environmentally friendly technology to preserve coastal landscapes and marine biodiversity.

As Monaco houses various mega yachts throughout the year, TRASOMAR is installing 4 ecological moorings within the Port Hercule, allowing the yachts to be spaced out from the dock.
The 4 moorings (ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, & DELTA) are an assembly of 6 concrete blocks on a base, installed between 40-50m deep in the port.

TRASOMAR, seeking to enhance the installation of these moorings, called upon the company ECOCEAN to promote biodiversity around the structures by installing artificial habitats Biohut®.

On each mooring, 16 Biohut® are fixed to 2 sides of 2 blocks, having 64 Biohut® in total.
In addition, 2-3 Mooring Biohut® are fixed along each chain between 15-20m deep beneath the buoy at 15m deep. these artificial habitats, Biohut®, provide habitats for the young life stages of coastal fish species.

These artificial habitats Biohut provide fish habitats.

Ecological restoration, In France