Project Ô SOLAIRE (finished)

An innovative project where solar energy, irrigation, and biodiversity meet.

The Ô Solaire project on the Madonne Lake.

The Ô SOLAIRE project is the first floating park supported by CNR.

Created for irrigation, the Madonna Lake sees its level vary according to the need for water for agricultural crops.

Successively submerged and emerged, the banks of the lake remain empty of any vegetation. This absence hinders the perennial development of the aquatic population.

The fish shelters (Biohut®) that are installed on Ô SOLAIRE will help to revitalize biodiversity by recreating artificial habitats that are continuously available for the reproduction and habitat of aquatic species.

Ô SOLAIRE also contributes to the enhancement of the existing irrigation network and gives a new dimension to renewable energy in the agricultural sector. With only 4% coverage of the water body, the 230 kWp of installed photovoltaic solar power will produce as much electricity as the 3 irrigation pumps of La Madone consume in a year.

Ô Solaire aims to :

  • Produce local renewable energy without impacting agricultural areas.
  • Promote sustainable agriculture by fully integrating renewable energy production into the irrigation network.
  • To perpetuate and protect the aquatic population through the implementation of fish refuges and by ensuring scientific environmental monitoring.
  • To illustrate the energy transition by explaining the operation of the platform through an educational tour.
  • To integrate solar energy in a global, innovative, and shared project.
  • To make the lake users aware of the renewable energies and the biodiversity of the site.


In partnership with the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, the SMHAR et ISARA LYON

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