Projet floating ecosystem – Paris (ongoing)

A floating ecosystem in the center of Paris

The 1st floating ecosystem on the Canal Saint-Martin. The goal is to improve aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity in an urban environment.

Terrestrial plants will attract insects above and Biohut will attract fish below!

A 40m2 raft was installed in mid-February on the Canal Saint Martin in the heart of the city. More than 650 plants of 12 different species have been placed on the raft. The roots will develop underwater offering potential spawning areas and protective habitats. These natural functions are complemented by the installation of 6 Biohuts offering additional spawning areas but also artificial nurseries for the fry of the year.

It is the first time that the 2 technologies (BIOMATRIX company installs floating ecosystems all over the world – ECOCEAN company positions fish nurseries in the water while being integrated into all supports) are installed together.

This project was designed as part of the participatory budgets of the city of Paris in 2018. It has received for its creator, Katarina DEAR, association Natureandus, 1200 votes and was selected by the city which supports the project to the tune of 20,000€.

Project goals: beautify the canal, clean up the water and air, green the city, create educational spaces for schools, create habitats for fish and birds, and make the city and canals pleasurable for residents.

It is the 2nd place where the ECOCEAN Company establishes fish nurseries in Paris, the 1st was the port of the Arsenal.

Diagnostic uses, Ecological restoration, In France