Cherbourg Breakwater


Within the framework of achieving a polder meant to serve as storage area for upcoming projects of tidal energy in Normandy, Associated Normandy Ports (PNA) has selected the consortium DTP / DeJung to build the protective breakwater surrounding the polder. As part of the implementation of this rocky breakwater and without legal obligation, DTP wants to test solutions of artificial habitats and communicate around these ecological restoration solutions. As part of its research partnership, Biositiv has asked Ecocean to come with a proposition of artificial habitats solutions for breakwater.

Interests & objectives

– Test an artificial habitat solution for rocky breakwater in the Channel (a first in the maritime zone).
– Communicate and raise awareness about these solutions and their ecological functions.
– Display and promote the solutions Biositiv could offer its customers in the framework of future projects including compensatory measures.


The modules will not be subjected to a scientific monitoring but will be checked three times during the period (= ecological monitoring). This pilot aims to assess the feasibility of installing these structures on a dike in this new marine conditions and assess whether such modules contribute to the environmental improvement of the area but without drawing any scientific consequences.

Deliverables / content of the project

– Installation of 20 Breakwater Biohut in May 2016 in two areas with various characteristics of exposure, depth and hydrodynamics.
– Ecological monitoring of the solutions (September 2016 and March 2017) => report
– Realization of 2 pedagogical kakemonos to be displayed in the future showroom.


Project sheet Cherbourg (PDF)

Ecological restoration, In France