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03Aug 2017

16 Biohut have been installed yesterday in Port de l’Arsenal in Paris, half of them displaying a new design meant to specifically provide spawning grounds for fish to lay their eggs. Ecological monitoring will be lead conjointly by Ecocean and Paris municipality canal department. The excellent visibility allowed our photographer Remy Dubas to take some […]

31Jul 2017

In 2016, four Biohut were attached to the bank of a floating garden in the middle of Rotterdam. After one year of installation, a diver from Ecocean went to see what species were to be found in our first dutch artificial nurseries. Despite having only 20 cm of visibility, he was able to observe several […]

19Dec 2016

The UROS project, which aims to restore the spawning and nursery areas functions in alpine lakes undergoing high artificial tidal range, is in its start-up phase. Last Friday Gilles Lecaillon, Sébastien Fonbonne and our project partners from the IRSTEA / ONEMA cluster of Aix en Provence and the Alpine National Botanical Conservatory were on Lake […]

26Jul 2016

“In 2014 the National Aquarium (Aquarium) was introduced to a French based company Ecocean and their Biohut technology.  Soon after, the newly found partnership led to the launch of a Biohut Pilot Project in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland (United States).  This was a first for the Aquarium, launching artificial oyster reef habitat within […]

22Jul 2016

This month, Marina World magazine promote environmental commitment of the port of Cap d’Agde.  To see the article, please click here

07Jun 2016

Ecocean is present all around the world, now also in Korea ! It is the first project of Ecocean in this country, but also the first time Biohut is used in the open-sea! We equipped the pylon of the scientific platform of oceanography KEPCO. The results are promising as we observed young stages of fishes […]

25May 2016

A workshop site was installed at Port-Barcarès and Port-Vendres so Manon Mercader (CEFREM/CREM/UPVD) can evaluate in her thesis, the environmental gain from ecological restoration actions. The Biohut® dock and Kelp are highly valued by the blennies, diplodus vulgaris, diplodus sargus… and much others in the coming days… Once installed, immediately inhabited. The resulats of her thesisi […]

18Apr 2016

Installation et suivis scientifiques de Biohut® digues, mouillages et émissaires dans différents sites pilotes (ports de Saint Cyprien, Le Barcarès, Port Leucate, Port la Nouvelle, Cerbère et Sanary) Ecocean a équipé 3 zones de 30 Biohut® dans le port de Saint Cyprien. Cette première installation marque le démarrage opérationnel du projet de R&D NUAMCE « Nurseries Artificelles […]

25Mar 2016

Four Biohut were attached yesterday to the bank of a floating garden in the middle of Rotterdam! This project of “floating garden” is lead by Urban Green, it’s a small island aiming at bringing some nature back to the canals of the city. It is composed of four trays filled with soil where hundreds of flower […]