The Society of Detroit Ports (project owner) has launched a call for tenders restricted by a notice of a competitive public tender in June 2013 in order to conclude a contract for the design and realization of the extension of the port of Calais (“Calais Port 2015”). This project consists mainly in the construction of a new breakwater north of the existing facilities of the Port of Calais and the realization of platforms, docks and berths to accommodate larger ships and face the expected increase in maritime traffic between France and Britain. “Calais Port 2015” must also respond to eco-design requirement, improve the underwater biodiversity and participate in maintaining the nursery function. This Design-Realization Group wants to install integrated artificial habitats from the Biohut© technology as a measure of eco-design.

Interests & objectives

Different types of Biohut habitats are considered to improve the ecological potential of the port infrastructures. In this context, a “phase test = phase 1” was proposed, that will take place in the current port during the construction work. In this way, the Biohut© will be fully operational once the expansion will be completed, and optimized to equip the new area reclaimed from the sea (phase 2).


The modules will not be subjected to a scientific monitoring but will be checked regularly during Phase 1 (= ecological monitoring).

Description of the service (phase 1):

• Visit and site analysis in April 2016 to develop the best technical proposal of the test phase within the constraints/recommendations from the customer.
• Program presentation meetings with the Contracting Authority, the Port Operator and services of the Region.
• Delivery and installation of Biohut© modules during 2016 4th quarter including:
– 3 Dock Biohut©
– 8 Stake Biohut©
– 9 Breakwater Biohut©
• 3 visits of maintenance and control during 2016/2017 including a biodiversity monitoring around the modules (report).
• A report will be delivered at the end of the test phase with a detailed proposal of recommended eco-design arrangements (quantity, workload, maintenance).


Project sheet Calais 2015 (PDF)

Ecological restoration, In France