Newsvideo Ecocean N°7

Newsvideo Ecocean N°7


As every quarter, Ecocean broadcasts these episodes retracing the last months of his teams!

Let’s go to Ajaccio, in southern Corsica, for the coastal fair organized by @ Ideal knowledge. Gilles Lecaillon, CEO of Ecocean, presents this new Newsvideo and therefore the latest news from our team. First of all, we present the 2 exhibitions in which we participated with, among others, the #Occitanie Innov show where we received the Coastal Award of the region. Then, we go abroad and we illustrate the 2 international missions of this beginning of the year: #Mexique and #La Réunion. You must have heard about the new green raft that we installed on #canal Saint Martin @ Paris this winter! With our partner @Biomatrix, we presented it to the press last February. Of course, we could not miss out on the release of fish from our @Marseille farm where 1000 fish regained their freedom last March!

And finally, we end up on images of the #Thalassa show where our #Weocean awareness partner and we were honored in the show @Fanny Agostini!

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