Each quarter Ecocean produces videos, to meet our scientists in the field to discover the projects in progress.

In this quarter of the 2022 summer season, our project manager Thibault AMPS presents us with Ecocean’s latest news on the floating vegetated rafts project, the new CAPTAIN GAME, the new Biohuts installed and the Megalodon project in the port of Antibes.

To close this video, Ecocean’s little blooper reel allows us to be immersed with our team in the field and to discover the good atmosphere there!

These videos are home-made, often filmed between two dives, but the content is interesting and entertaining. Extraordinary dives are waiting for us on each site, whether it is a marina, a commercial port or a natural site. We see 10 different fish and 10 different species.

Our goal is to preserve them while respecting their life cycle and their habitats. We try to reproduce what nature has given us, by creating artificial habitats for young aquatic animals, our goal is to give these animals a chance to survive. Our products are 100% recyclable and French. We reuse oyster shells from Occitanie to feed the inside of the Biohut and it works! The species take refuge in them, find their food and identify themselves by the sounds they make.

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