21Aug 2015

New Biohut? Where are we? What is this shape? What is this little fish? More information soon… Picture by Remy Dubas.

06Aug 2015

Ecocean team based in Marseille has the pleasure to show you his Epinephelus marginatus post-larvae that has been captured using a CARE net along with 9 fellow groupers! Grouper is an emblematic species of the Mediterranean sea. It got almost extinct due to overfishing and is now under strict protection. This very good capture is […]

08Jul 2015

The RESPIRE monitoring campaign of June just ended! This fish recruitment monitoring network is deployed in 23 Mediterranean ports and consist in a census of post-larvae presence in harbors. The monitoring is lead on seawall and Biohut®. Here is a small selection of photos, see you in September for the next campaign! To learn more […]

06Jul 2015

Following the installation of 57 Biohut in Port Vendres and 46 at the port of Carnon, it is the turn of Bouzigues to be equipped with 22 modules! These projects will be accompanied by an environmental monitoring and education tools with the seeting up of communication panels in 2016.

17Jun 2015

90 Biohut® will be installed shortly in the Port Vauban of Antibes. Our technical manager Rémy Dubas went on site tracking to make a “pre-diagnosis”, essential before any Biohut® installation. In order to choose the best locations, docks and pontoons were inspected by snorkling and cycling!

08Jun 2015

Ecocean attended the AIVP days in Dublin from 28 to 30 May on the theme “Working Waterfront: a City-Port mix in progress”. An opportunity to meet managers from major international ports and promote integrated consideration of biodiversity issues in port development. CEO Gilles Lecaillon made a talk on the “Green Innovation” theme: Can a commercial harbor become an efficient […]

05Jun 2015

The financial daily La Tribune – Objectif Languedoc Roussillon published an article about Ecocean after an interview with the founder Gilles Lecaillon: We are in an active phase of commercialisation as the Nappex project (artificial nurseries for exemplary ports) in 2013-2014 showed the scientific interest of Biohuts. […] It is a growing market because marinas and commercial ports are growing up everywhere. They try […]

13May 2015

In partnership with the French Water Agency, Ecocean has released a new type of artificial habitat that aims to improve rip-rap’s functions to support surrounding marine ecosystems. The goal is to improve the survival of young fish seeking nursery areas along hardened coasts by re-introducing shelter and food on human structures (rip-rap, seawall…).  The special […]

09Apr 2015

The National Aquarium of Baltimore along with their partners Biohabitats, Oyster Recovery Partnership and…. Ecocean are installing 10 more Biohut inside the inner harbor. The objective is to strengthen the effort started a year ago and to study the Biohut capacity to help cleaning the water of the Chesapeake Bay. The aquarium is also using […]

09Apr 2015

Ecocean will attend the AIVP General Assembly and meeting in Dublin (Ireland) from May 28 to 30 2015. The meeting will focus on the « working waterfront » approach and we will thus present the different innovative solutions applied and deployed in ports environment: Can a port serve as an efficient fish nursery area? More info : […]