The European Rewilding Network welcomes French project BioRestore !

The European Rewilding Network welcomes French project BioRestore !

Ecocean integrates a network for wildlife!

“Our Mission: We want to make Europe a wilder place, with more space for wilderness, wildlife and natural processes.”

By bringing life back, we will continue to explore new ways of enjoy and make a living in a fair way ” The aim of the network is to recreate large regenerated landscapes in at least 10 different regions of Europe. These will show how Rewilding Europe’s vision can be put into practice on a larger scale. Ecocean is proud to have been able to join the European Network Rewilding Europe through its BioRestore process, which involves the catching of baby fish, their safe rearing and their repopulation in the sea to improve the survival of these young fish.

The Rewilding Europe network now includes 68 projects and actors for wildlife and restocking across Europe.

By being involved in the repopulation for years, Ecocean will be able to share its experience and knowledge of the repopulation of wild fish within the actors of the Rewilding Europe network. As part of this movement, many important and inspiring initiatives have already developed in recent decades, with new projects continuing to grow across the continent. The aim of the innovative European Network Rewilding is to bring these initiatives closer together by giving each network member the information and tools they need to succeed in their rewilding efforts. We want to establish a living network of innumerable re-impregnation initiatives, support them and facilitate the adoption of best practices and methodologies.

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