Biohut in Copenhague Harbour

Biohut in Copenhague Harbour

Ecocean has installed 50 new fish nurseries in Copenhagen harbor.
This project is in addition to the other Biohuts installed along the docks of the port.

“We are installing fish habitats outside our Maersk headquarters to support ocean life in Copenhagen Harbour🐟

An initiative to support biodiversity, we partnered with ECOCEAN and installed 50 biohuts by our HQ waterfront. The biohuts, made of steel cages filled with oyster shells, act as shelter and food resource for small aquatic animals. Currently 200 biohuts have been installed along Copenhagen harbour.

Andreas Sørensen, Head of Maersk Facility Management Denmark, and Etienne Abadie of ECOCEAN, explains more about the initiative below👇” 

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