A floating farm !? what’s this ?

As its name suggests, it’s a farm, with cows, that produce good organic milk … but on the water!

And of course we have installed #Biohut! It is located in the heart of the port of Rotterdam!

Last week, Ecocean was able to equip 4 Biohut and 2 Mini-Biohut on the Floating Farm at the end of construction in the heart of the port of Rotterdam. They were installed in order to protect the small fish present in the port and to sensitize the users to the biodiversity which hides there! Mini-Biohut will be tested to set up specific actions for young Dutch children. The Floating Farm, developed and created by Beladon, aims to produce within the city of Rotterdam using raw materials of local recovery while transforming and distributing the products on the spot! to be continued…