IAMC Project – Coast of Sicily (Italy)


The team of Dr. Giovanni D’Anna (CNR-IMAC) studies coastal fish recruitment in the granitola Torreta bay in Sicily. To better understand the processes at the local level, the project is to deploy 33 CAREs from Ecocean to capture and study the post-larvae. To breed the captured post-larvae, NRC also decided to acquire a 20 feet Wetlab Nursery. The nursery has been specially designed and adapted to the project requirements (breeding capacity of 2000L) dedicated to post-larvae.

Interests & objectives

This project uses the PCC technique (Post larval capture and culture) to study the population dynamics of local coastal marine animals as well as the connectivity between ecosystems.

Impacts and expected benefits

• Improved knowledge of the life cycle of coastal fish
• Improved knowledge of abundance and seasonality of post-larvae recruitment in the study area.
• Post-larvae identification.
• Scientific publication


Project sheet IAMC (PDF)

Study on population dynamics and species connectivity among marine ecosystems in Italy.

This project initiated in 2014 by CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research – AIMC) aims to study population dynamics and connectivity of marine species from the coastal ecosystem in Sicily through the PCC (Post larval Capture and Culture) technique.
This project involves the use of:
33 CARE® to collect the post larval fish
One WetLab 20’ with a rearing capacity of 2000 liters.

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