Newsvideo#8 – our daily work for the environment

Newsvideo#8 – our daily work for the environment

A summer season full of innovation for repopulation

observation biodiversité offshoreThis season was marked by the installation of the BOB biodiversity observation buoy which was laid off Leucate as part of the Connexstere project with our partner EFGL.

We have created a new board game that puts the public in the place of newborn fish and will make them realize how difficult it is to grow up in the deep blue.

Between the new ports installed and the events in June, Ecocean’s teams had an eventful season, this year 2019 was particularly memorable in fish recruitment.

Our Casciomar fish farm has welcomed more than 3000 fish, it is the 1st year that such a phenomenon occurs, you can follow in this newsvideo all the species present in the farm (including a corb, a grouper, sea bream, mullet…) including some threatened species.

Let’s meet for the fish releases for the next new video! The blooper at the end of the video always amuses our readers, allowing them to join the Ecocean team and embark with us in a positive atmosphere!