A green raft on Paris !

A green raft on Paris !

More animals on the water!

This week in Paris was inaugurated the first floating raft planted on the Canal Saint-Martin. the goal is to increase the number of animals on Parisian water!

Terrestrial plants that will attract insects above and Biohut that will attract fish underneath!

A raft of 40m2 was installed in February on the Canal Saint Martin to increase animal life in the heart of the city.

Indeed, by putting more green areas with plants of about 10 different varieties on the raft, we made the bet that biodiversity would increase considerably in this area. More than 650 plants have been deposited on the raft, the roots will develop under water, providing a habitat corridor for marine animals, who will then have the opportunity to take refuge in Biohut installed under the raft. 6 Biohut modules, steel fish nurseries, filled with oyster shells (from Occitanie), were installed under the raft offering shelter and cover to aquatic animals (pike, stud, perch, shrimp …) of the Saint Martin canal !

In different forms, these nurseries can serve as spawning grounds for the laying of certain species. This is the first time that the two technologies are born and are tested together: the company BIOMATRIX installs rafts vegetated worldwide – the company ECOCEAN positions fish nurseries in the water by integrating all the supports .

This project was conceived within the framework of the participative budgets of the city of Paris in 2018, it obtained for its creator, Katarina DEAR, association Natureandus, 1200 votes and was selected by the city which supports the project up to 20 000 €.

Project objective: beautify the canal, clean up water and air, green the city, create educational spaces for schools, create habitats for fish and birds and make the city and the canals more enjoyable for residents. It is the second place where the company ECOCEAN implements fish nurseries in Paris, the 1st was the port of Arsenal where the fish are already at the RDV for 1 year. We will follow the advance and evolution of plants on the raft on this blog hoping that the project will develop to other big cities!

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