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Ecocean, more than a decade developing radical new technologies

The company was founded in 2003 by two passionate marine biologists. The two founders were previously involved in PCC technology since 1999 (French Polynesia and Comoros). In 2006, a first capital increase involved the local business angels MELIES as well as close relatives. The last capital increase has been performed in 2014 and used the innovative method of crowdfunding. At this occasion, the MELIES business angels withdrawn from Ecocean with a significant benefit from their initial investment.

A young and dynamic team

Gilles Lecaillon is the co-founder and current CEO of Ecocean and is helped by Severine Pristchepa. Since the last capital increase, he is leading the strategic comity of the company. Gilles is supported by a young team (mean age: 34 years old), dynamic and ultra motivated.


Pierre-Yves Férot

Workshop manager


Technicienne aquacole

Marine Fidelle

Technician, based in Marseille

Anaïs Gudefin

Project assistant

Amélie Fontcuberta

Project manager

Remy Dubas

Technical manager

Sébastien Fonbonne

Account Manager

Séverine Pristchepa

Administrative and financial manager

Gilles Lecaillon

Founder and President

Sabrina Palmieri

Marketing & promotion

Baby grouper

Adopted in Marseille



    Biohabitats-logoBiohabitats Inc. helps communities to improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, restore degraded ecosystems, and facilitate educational opportunities through ecological assessment, planning and restoration initiatives that are scientifically sound, realistic to implement and cost effective to manage. 
    Unlike traditional engineering firms that claim to “do ecology,” Biohabitats’ devotes its entire practice to ecological restoration, conservation planning and regenerative design
    Aligned in mission and sharing a common vision, Ecocean and Biohabitats collaborate on projects in both Europe and North America.


    pole mer_logoCreated in 2005, Pôle Mer Méditerranée is a business and innovation world class sea cluster located in South of France. It aims to promote sustainable development of the maritime and coastal economy, in the Mediterranean, Europe and the rest of the world. Ecocean as an actor of innovation in the maritime industry of the PACA Region became a member in 2009 and has implemented projects approved and labeled by the cluster.


    Poleeau-logoEcocean has joined this Water Pole in 2013. This adhesion offers support and helps members to grow through innovation thanks to a network of researchers and scientists. Being a member of the Water Pole provides expertise and advices in collaboration with research centers to improve projects and better answer calls for proposal.

  4. SER

    SER_logoThe mission of SER (Society for Ecological Restoration) is to promote ecological restoration as a means of sustaining the diversity of life on Earth and re-establishing an ecologically healthy relationship between nature and culture. Aligned in mission and sharing a common vision with the organization, Ecocean became a member in 2009 and presents every year new projects during the annual SER international conference.

  5. AIVP

    AIVP_logoEcocean is a member of AIVP (The Worldwide Network of Port Cities) since 2014. This association accompanied their members in the implementation of new strategies that allow them to more effectively face up to the changes that impact environmental and economic development. Port Authorities, coastal cities and other shoreline managers can discover Ecocean’s solutions through this network.

  6. UPGE

    logo-UPGE L’UPGE(Professional Union for Ecological Engineering) is an association that gathers companies working on ecological engineering projects. Ecocean became a member in 2009 and thus keeps up to date with this fast growing sector.