This week, 4 Biohut were installed in the Port of Rotterdam. This is a test phase to validate the efficiency of the process in this very special environment: the Port of Rotterdam is the largest commercial port in Europe and the eighth in the world in terms of traffic. Located in the North Sea at the mouth of the Rhine, it extends over 42 km long, and therefore poses a serious problem of artificialization as the natural habitat of aquatic species had been replaced by concrete canals where massive commercial ship are sailing.

Following a successful installation despite the peculiarities of the site, the technical feasibility is already validated. Ecological efficiency will be studied through monitoring, and depending on the results, may lead to a wider deployment of the Biohut process in the port.

The installation was the subject of very good media coverage organized by the port. Two radios were present during the installation, several articles were published in the press and a small report is available online.

Cover picture: © Ries van Wendel de Joode – Picture gallery : © Rémy Dubas