Many years of know-how


Capture results

On average, for every 100 post larvae captured with our fishing devices: about 20 – 30% are suitable for the marine aquarium market, about 30 are suitable for aquaculture and the remaining 40-50 % are not directly exploitable, but represent a unique scientific resource and can be used for ecological restoration programs.

How does PCC process work

The post larvae are trapped by fishermen during moonless nights, brought ashore and sorted manually by technicians. They are weaned in nurseries & reared on according to market requirements. It takes about 2 months for sale/export to the marine aquarium market or about 12 months for local food consumption (e.g. in sea cages).

With over 10 years of field experience, Ecocean know how to:

  • Identify the best fishing sites
  • Capture post-larvae in optimum physical condition
  • Identify the vast majority of the species collected
  • Set up the necessary tools and environment to rear different species together

Our clients and users:

  • Private sector companies already involved in the marine aquarium market, who want to offer ornamental fish from an eco-friendly, clean and sustainable supply source
  • Young and motivated entrepreneurs from developing countries who wish to develop their own fish production using PCC
  • Governments and fisheries authorities who want to promote a new solution for effective and sustainable exploitation of their marine resources
  • NGOs concerned with safeguarding the marine environment and the people who depend on it for a living
  • Marine theme parks and public aquaria worldwide