RUNSEASCIENCE Project – Réunion Island


Ecocean has performed the transfer of PCC knowhow to the Hemisphere Sud Company in 1999. This company has exported more than 2000 fish to France. Following encouraging fishing results, the RUNSEASCIENCE project has been implemented by IRD (Institute for Research and Development) from the Reunion island in partnership with the association ARDA and Hemisphere Sud. Ecocean provided the fishing gear and helped to analyze the collect.

Interests & objectives

The RUNSEASCIENCE project aimed to identify the diversity, abundance and period of post larval fish settlement around the Reunion Island. A photographic guide to help identify PL has been published. This study was performed using a CARE.

Impacts and deliverables

• Enhance marine ecological knowledge
• A post-larval photographic guide (not yet available)
• A scientific report



PCC technology transfer for marine research in la Reunion.

In 1999, Ecocean’s team went to the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean to transfer the PCC technology to the Hemisphere Sud Company. Following the training period, the company has collected more than 2000 post-larval individuals, the project has been scaled up with the involvement of IRD and ARDA institutes. In this project, Ecocean had provided the material (CARE® light traps) the training, and its expertise for fishing locations and analyze of the capture.

For more information, please download the articles or brochures below:

 Project sheet RUNSEASCIENCE