“In 2014 the National Aquarium (Aquarium) was introduced to a French based company Ecocean and their Biohut technology.  Soon after, the newly found partnership led to the launch of a Biohut Pilot Project in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland (United States).  This was a first for the Aquarium, launching artificial oyster reef habitat within the harbor; and the first for Ecocean, deploying in brackish waters of the United States.  Since the inaugural year, the Biohut Pilot Project has shown to be successful in both restoring ecological services to the eutrophied harbor as well as an education tool to engage the public.

Ecocean staff were instrumental in the success of the Biohut Pilot Project.  They provided a high level of expertise and customized the Biohut technology to our unique needs of the harbor.  The first year was spent side by side training Aquarium staff on monitoring techniques and maintenance.  When Ecocean left Baltimore, Maryland, Aquarium staff were fully trained to continue the project with confidence.  Ecocean staff always remained available to offer technical support via phone and email.  Ecocean also participated in an educational video used to promote the project.

The Aquarium is committed to continue the Biohut Pilot Project building on its success, and its valued partnership with Ecocean.    The future of the program includes partnering with universities to use Biohut as a platform for scientific research, and continuing to engage the public through outreach opportunities.  Furthermore, the Aquarium is devoted to sharing the success of the project through presentations at national and international conferences.”

More information in video ;

 Charmaine Dahlenburg
Manager, Chesapeake Bay Program – National Aquarium in Baltimore