A comprehensive range

A complete range of device dedicated to PCC

Ecocean’s ground-breaking capture device, the CARE® (Collect by Artificial Reef Eco-friendly, patent process FR 2841742) is a dedicated fishing device for open ocean live capture of healthy post larvae. It is suitable for sampling the majority of cephalopod post-larvae, as well as any zooplankton, before settlement in their permanent habitats. Our current CARE® device is the result of 10 years of continuous development and is now in its sixth version.
It is easily to handle and can be easily maintained and repaired by users in situ. Its compact size allows transport in any low-rise boat (sailing vessel, motor vessel, outrigger canoe, dugout, kayak, inflatable, etc.,), making it perfect for use by small-scale commercial, artisanal and subsistence fishermen in both developed and developing countries.

Custom made development

We can design custom made product specially adapted to your needs. The CARE® can also be delivered with options such as: timer, deepwater version, light variability, etc…
We also provide traditional plankton nets for scientific research. With a wide range of net sizes and mesh sizes, they can be used to validate the results obtained with our light traps.

A turnkey mobile nursery

We also provide turnkey nursery installations (or Wet Labs) made entirely from marine grade stainless steel, which can be configured and installed wherever you require, and can be fitted with aquaria and ancillary equipment according to your specifications. These are fully-equipped field laboratories in which you can rear all types of aquatic animals (marine or fresh water) according to your own requirements in order to effectively achieve your experimental goals. We also offer rental and leasing solutions for short and medium-term studies.