Our solutions

Innovation to restore fisheries resources

As an effective response to the collapse of fish stocks, Ecocean proposes two complementary solutions which both have the same goal: to boost the recruitment and survival of fish
BioRestore® to increase fish population by restocking, and Biohut®, to bring back fish nursery function in places where it has been damaged by built infrastructures (ports, pipelines, seawalls…)



2 complementary solutions

BioRestore®: It is a comprehensive process of post-larval capture, culture, rearing and restocking on temporary habitats.
 BioRestore® Brochure


Biohut®: It is a temporary dock coating which offers suitable habitats that increase the survival rate of fish larvae naturally entering ports and other marine facilities.
 Biohut® Brochure



Our solutions provide effective responses to the challenges identified in the most recent framework documents and crucial future environmental issues:

  • Limiting the impact on resources, in this case coastal fish, in order to conserve stocks in terms of both quality and quantity.
  • Optimizing administration, cooperation and communication between the resource and its consumers, (i.e. ports and marine developers versus fishermen)
  • Control and sustainable management of future economic coastal development: docks expansion, marine energies, dredging…
  • Public education about environmental threats and role of marine biodiversity.

Ecocean Ecological Restoration Process

Ecocean Ecological Restoration Process 2014