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03May 2019

DISCOVER OUR LATEST NEWS IN VIDEO! As every quarter, Ecocean broadcasts these episodes retracing the last months of his teams! Let’s go to Ajaccio, in southern Corsica, for the coastal fair organized by @ Ideal knowledge. Gilles Lecaillon, CEO of Ecocean, presents this new Newsvideo and therefore the latest news from our team. First of […]

11Mar 2019

Ecocean integrates a network for wildlife! “Our Mission: We want to make Europe a wilder place, with more space for wilderness, wildlife and natural processes.” By bringing life back, we will continue to explore new ways of enjoy and make a living in a fair way ” The aim of the network is to recreate […]

21Feb 2019

More animals on the water! This week in Paris was inaugurated the first floating raft planted on the Canal Saint-Martin. the goal is to increase the number of animals on Parisian water! Terrestrial plants that will attract insects above and Biohut that will attract fish underneath! A raft of 40m2 was installed in February on […]

17Jan 2019
Ferme écologique

A floating farm !? what’s this ? As its name suggests, it’s a farm, with cows, that produce good organic milk … but on the water! And of course we have installed #Biohut! It is located in the heart of the port of Rotterdam! Last week, Ecocean was able to equip 4 Biohut and 2 […]

17Aug 2018

A report on our farm in Marseille, on Al-Jazeera at Port de Marseille-Fos. As a bonus, spotlight on two of our fishermen in the video. #Biodiversity #Restocking #Fish #Mediterranean 

22Oct 2017

Immersion totale sous l’eau à La Ciotat lors des relâchés des poissons de la ferme de Marseille – Projet Casciomar

21Oct 2017

Vidéo de présentation du quotidien d’Ecocean sur 1 trimestre – Episode 1